Work Sample #1: Sweaters

Hamsa Sweater, 2020
For that extra measure of protection from the evil eye!
Night Market Cardigan, 2021
This design was inspired by the 613 seeds in a pomegranate/mitzvot in the Torah.
Layer Cake, 2023
LGBTQ joy!
Lisbon Cardigan/Casa dos Bicos, 2022
My youngest child and I went on an amazing tour of Jewish Lisbon in 2022, and this design was inspired by a building that we saw with a gorgeous, textured facade.
Challah Sweater, 2022
I bake challah every Friday, and have even developed a braidable, gluten-free challah that one can say ha-motzi over. When I got that recipe right I cried with happiness! This sweater celebrates my family’s favorite shabbos food.

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